The Muse and Kinetic

This week we had the great opportunity to chat with the interns at The Muse and Kinetic. Alex Pai '19 and Michael Li '20 (pictured in the thumbnail) work at The Muse, a startup focused on improving the job search process, fostering and emphasizing meaningful relationships between individuals and companies by enabling them to engage with each other on a human level. Neel Ajjarapu '20 works at Kinetic, a startup that develops wearable products that can predict and reduce workplace injuries for industrial workers. 

What project are you currently working on at your startup?

Neel was excited to share that he is working on a project surrounding the company's flagship product - the Kinetic Reflex, creating new battery management capabilities and improving its hardware. Alex is working on sentiment analysis, which in layman's terms involves identifying, through code, words in a text that express certain opinions. Michael, also working on the technology side of things at The Muse, is working on machine learning applied to personalized job recommendations, an aspect core to the startups mission.

If you could choose one word to describe the last week, what would it be?

In rapid fire, we asked the interns to describe the past week in one word. There responses were "Dynamic," "Chill," and "Fast-paced."

What do you and your team do for lunch? 

Neel at Kinetic let us know that his entire team (all of them!) get take out from a nearby restaurant and eat lunch together in the office, or if it isn't too muggy, they eat outside. Michael said for lunch he likes to go to a Teriyaki Truck near Bryant Park, and Alex said he goes out to whatever he is feeling that day. In New York City there are so many options so restrict yourself to one thing?

What insight are you hoping to gain the most this summer?

Just as the other interns before this week, these interns all had high expectations for what they were going to learn this summer at their startups. Michael hopes to learn how data science works in industry settings, rather than the academic environments we as Princeton students are used to. Alex hopes to learn what it takes to be a good product manager. Lastly, Neel wants to learn more about hardware and wearables, and how all the elements of a tech company - sales, data science, hardware, manufacturing, customer support, design, etc. need to work together to create a cohesive product.

What about your experience has surprised you the most this summer so far?

The flexibility. The collaboration. The ability to produce large scale projects from such a small number of people. These were a few of the many things that Michael, Alex, and Neel all touted as being surprising, in a good way, about their summer experience at a Startup.

Have you found a favorite spot in New York yet?

And for our favorite last question, we asked the interns where their favorite spots in New York City were. Neel, in true New York fashion, enjoys spending his weekends in Central Park. Michael really likes Culture Espresso shop (but for the cookies). And lastly, Alex likes Vineapple Cafe because it is a pretty good place to sit down, work, and remove himself from the office. 

Jarred Felix