The Women in Entrepreneurship Brunch @ Emma's Torch

This past weekend, PSIP NYC hosted a brunch panel of 15+ women in VC/Entrepreneurship at Emma's Torch, a restaurant and social enterprise that is also hiring two PSIP interns this summer. The panelists included Danielle Cohen-Shohet, the founder of GlossGenius, Real World Playbook Founder Genevieve Ryan, and Anastasia Cifuentes, the Co-Founder of Gatsby. 


Danielle Cohen-Shohet is a Princeton alum who founded GlossGenius in 2015 after working at Goldman Sachs for two years. GlossGenius develops a set of online tools for beauty professionals. Its tools enable users to showcase their portfolio of work; send automatic appointment reminders to clients; build email templates to send to their clients; manage busy schedule; and accept payments, deposits, and appointment bookings. 

Genevieve Ryan founded Real World Playbook in 2016—the company serves as  a one-stop-shop for navigating life decisions and conquering the real world. It gives young people the tools and trusted resources they need to navigate adult life. 

Anastasia Cifuentes is the founder of Gatsby, a Brooklyn-based company that is challenging the status quo for how people connect to the net by providing wireless internet to the world. Gatsby is also powered by the blockchain.


Two PSIP associates, Rachel Yee '19 and Oliver Hsu '19 moderated the panel as the panelists and guests enjoyed a delicious meal of black-eyed pea hummus with warm pita, pancakes with blueberry-ginger compote, and shakshuka with crispy rice, courtesy of the Emma's Torch kitchen. As the event was open to all Princeton students, not just those involved in the PSIP program, there were many fascinating questions for the successful female entrepreneurs. The group had lengthy discussions about several topics, including the advantages of working at a big firm before starting your own company and which books, podcasts, and other resources are the most valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, given the nature of the event, they discussed the advantages and disadvantages of raising money as a female entrepreneur. Everyone left the brunch both inspired and well-informed, making the event one of the summer's most successful.

Elena Anamos