Snapshots of PSIP

1.     The 2-3 line

I commute to work on the 2-3 line, which runs through Manhattan like a backbone. My commute is almost meditative. I read, people watch, listen to music.

The subway stop is right under PSIP housing, so it's super convenient. After 30 minutes, I get out at Penn Station on 32nd Street. Midtown is rowdy and packed with people. I weave my way through the crowd and get to the batteryPOP office around 10am. We're on a 10 to 6 schedule, as most companies are in our coworking space.

2.     Web development

A few days into the internship, my boss Greg assigned me to work on our new gaming website. The website was already half constructed, but I had to take some major steps to make it operational. First and foremost, it didn't have any games. Second, it had to be monetized -- I needed to add spots for banner and video ads. Third, the site needed a visual update. The existing magenta and red color scheme looked… unrefined, to say the least.

A small problem: I had never done web development before.

I spent the next few weeks stumbling through Stack Overflow and learning WordPress. There were times when I felt frustrated at my slow progress, but ultimately, I was incredibly excited to have part of the company as my domain. Six weeks in, I still feel the same way. The website looks so much better now, and I really hope it can make a difference for batteryPOP.

3.     SoHo

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my friend Adrian and I decide to go explore SoHo. We're walking down Broadway, admiring the different stores, when he says, "I wish I could get a breath of fresh air in New York." I nod. NYC is a potpourri of the stinky, from the standing water in potholes to that sweaty guy fresh out the gym standing next to you on the subway. On most days, I yearn for a breath of fresh air too.

But then, of course, there are days like this. Sitting on the promenade, facing the East River, writing on a laptop, I watch the sunset. Scarlet spiderwebs spread across the sky. Before me, buildings shimmer like the insides of kaleidoscopes. The golden sunlight washes away frowns, smooths over wrinkles, and ushers in a peaceful end to the workweek. It's beautiful.

On days like this, I don't mind the New York air. Not one bit.

- Michael Hu '21

Jarred Felix