Compit, Def Method, and Smorgasburg

Week 3 is officially over for the PSIP interns here in Big Apple. This week, we had the opportunity to chat with the interns from two startups - Compit and Def Method. The former is a startup making an entrance into the world of real estate technology, hoping to provide in-depth automated real estate valuations and market analysis. Dan Sullivan '19 and Max Machiorlette '19 are a part of this team. The latter focuses on providing software consultancy focused on helping New York companies solve their biggest technical challenges. Yang Tu '20 finds himself working here.

Before we get into our discussion with these three interns, the Princeton interns also had the opportunity to go to Smorgasburg this Saturday. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, our interns had the opportunity to explore and eat of the great food at the largest open-air market in the United States. While the weather was a bit cloudy, it was a day full of laughs, fun, and most importantly, eating. 

Now to our interns...

What project are you currently working on at your startup?

At Compit, Dan and Max are both Business Development interns working on some pretty important projects critical to the growth of the business. Max joked the projects were highly confidential, but Dan informed us that their goal for the summer was to complete some market analysis to scale their operations to other real estate markets. Alongside this strategical work, they were also completing some lead generation to lay a groundwork for a marketing and sales campaign to increase startup revenues. At Def Method, Yang is currently working as the Strategy and Operations intern, working on database generation and market analysis.

What insight are you hoping to gain the most this summer?

Yang hopes to obtain a more holistic understanding of the software startup process. He is interested in gaining some insights to various market sectors, understanding the sales pipeline process, and the overall app development process. These are the fundamentals, and at the end of the summer, he hopes to have grown his understanding in each of these areas. Max and Dan are also extremely interested in learning about the business development process. As students, we don't get exposure to business fundamentals in the academic environment. This summer, they hope to learn exactly how the operations of a business run and what it takes to start from scratch. 

What about your experience has surprised you the most this summer so far?

Max's response to this question hinted at a core feature of our Startup Immersion Program - exposure to many industries and not just one's own. While he works for a real estate tech startup during the day, our weekly talks have exposed him to various different industries; this has been a pleasant surprise of the program. Furthermore, living with other startup interns has inevitably lead to hearing about everyone else's work, adding to this experience. Yang said he was most surprised about the freedom and room for growth within any given startup. The path hasn't yet been defined within these companies, and part of our internships is to help each of these companies create that path forward.

Have you found a favorite spot in New York yet?

Last but not least, we love to ask the interns where in New York they enjoy spending their time outside of work. Coincidentally, Max and Dan share their favorite spot - Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. A few blocks south of our housing in Brooklyn Heights, these two co-workers enjoy spending some nights after work on this street, eating food and recapping their days. In an opposite response, Yang enjoys a pretty well-known spot in Midtown - Times Square. Whether you like the lights and energy of Times Square or the smaller spots in Brooklyn, one thing is certain - PSIP interns are settling in and finding their place in New York City. 

Here is a picture of the crew at Smorgasburg!

Jarred Felix