Dinner Talk Tidbits


Each week the PSIP cohort gathered for dinner to hear from various startup founders, venture capitalists, and startup team members. We ate up our dinner and their advice. We heard a variety of perspectives on how to take advantage of time in college and the essentials of building a company. After compiling our notes we noticed some common trends…


In College:

  • Take the time to get to know people

Often we are rushing around from one thing to the next, pushing off plans to meet up with people, and prioritizing tasks over facetime. Take the time to grab coffee or a meal with people whose relationships you value or with people you would like to know better. In college you are surrounded by interesting people, so get to know them.

  • Make the Best of It

When you become involved in something, whether it is a club or a company, be involved with purpose. Have in mind how you can use your experience to get you to the next step, but don’t be too quick to rush to that next step before enjoying wherever you are in the moment.


In Business:

  • Find the Right People

It is all about the team. Take the time find people who believe in your mission but don’t necessarily think just like you. You want a co-founder that inspires you and with whom you see eye-to-eye, but diversity of point of view is essential for the team to succeed as a whole.

  • Believe in your product

If you believe in what you are creating and your purpose the struggles will be bearable.

  • Adapt, Grow, and Carry On

Businesses are not static entities, as environments develop, changes become necessary. Some general patterns my hold-fast, but don’t be stubborn about making alterations.


In life:

  • Keep learning

There is always something new to learn or someone new to learn from, so why stop?

Madelynn Prendergast