Trendalytics coffeechat

We got a bite to eat with Tamar (‘19 AB Art and Archeology) to hear about what she has been up to at Trendalytics.

Trendalytics analyzes and aggregates social, search, and SKU data for big brands and retailers. The platform can assist with assortment opportunities, pricing analysis, merchandising, and marketing!


What sort of work/projects are you involved with?

I’ve been involved in producing some content such as Trendalytics’ weekly trend reports that are pushed out to all users, as well as spearheading a business development project researching and reaching out to potential clients.


How would you describe the “office vibe”?

Millennial and fashion-forward.


What did you learn in the first half of the program that will affect how you go about work or life in the end of your internship?

It’s important to sit down and assess the work you’re doing as you’re doing it, instead of going through with a whole project and waiting until the end to realize that you may not have been approaching the problem with maximum efficiency. It will save lots of time and energy!


What is one experience you had at work that has effected thoughts about what you would like to do in the future?

Learning about the fashion and retail industry has made me want to potentially pursue a career in the business side of fashion.

Madelynn Prendergast