Timescale coffeechat

With the final week of PSIP around the corner, we got the low-down on cryptocurrencies and heard more about Sarah’s (‘19 BSE Computer Science) work at Timescale.

Timescale is a PostgreSQL (an open source relational database management system not controlled by any corporation or other private entity) extension. It provides time-series, scalable database functions through hypertable partitioning and abstractions of data.


What sort of work/projects are you involved with?

  1. I spent half of the summer doing cryptocurrency analysis using TimescaleDB, implementing PostgreSQL queries and some of Timescale’s aggregate functions.

  2. I am writing functions for the TimescaleDB database.


How would you describe the “office vibe”?

Motivated, chill, friendly, good humor


What did you learn in the first half of the program that will affect how you go about work or life in the end of your internship?

You can’t go into anything blind -- almost every endeavor requires motivation, inspiration, and tenacity as well as a thorough understanding of goals/objectives.


What is one experience you had at work that has effected thoughts about what you would like to do in the future?

I learned a ton about cryptocurrencies (which I previously knew nothing about) and am now quite interested in investing!

Madelynn Prendergast