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We met up with Irene (Computer Science Grad Student), Alex ('18 BSE Computer Science), and Katrina ('18 AB English) to hear more about their experience working at the Muse and how the company is shaping the future of making career decisions.

The Muse helps people navigate their entire career journey. We offer expert advice alongside a job search experience that’s engaging. We help companies recruit top talent from a diverse pool of qualified candidates by showing our millions of readers what it’s like to work there before they even apply.


What was the most rewarding project you worked on this summer?

Katrina: I build brand awareness and boosted user acquisition by responding to question on Quora.  The answers I provided captured 113.5k views.

Alex: I got to work on the media tool we give our clients that lets them access all the media we generate from our photo shoots. It’s been great to see my changes end up on our site!

Irene: Nick and I developed a new recommendation system for articles with unsupervised machine learning techniques as our hack day project, and I was able to turn that into my individual project and managed the product from start to finish on the first iteration.


What aspects of the business would you want to implement if (or when!) you start your own company?

Alex: The transparency that the founders advocate for. No matter how big or small, they do an incredible job of keeping the company informed of the state of the business, and I think their employees appreciate it a lot.

Irene: The culture where everyone is very friendly and approachable is definitely one thing I want to emulate if I start my own company.

Katrina: The spirit of collaboration.


What is one piece of advice that was given to you this summer that changed your viewpoint? Or, what is one piece of advice that you received that you disagree with?

Irene: I was told to use all the resources around me (in terms of networking) exhaustively before I leave. I was afraid of taking up people’s time because everyone is very busy, but after that advice I felt more comfortable reaching out to people for help and advice.

Katrina: To continually learn and asking for feedback doesn’t have to be a big deal


When you think of someone successful in the entrepreneurship world, who is the first person that comes to your mind, and why?

Katrina: Kathryn Minshew because I’ve talked to and seen her ambitions firsthand

Alex: Elon Musk, because he continues to demonstrate viable plans for innovation that are sustainable in the short term and have the potential to be game changing companies in the long term.

Irene: Steve Jobs, because he was able to build his vision without a technical background and persevered when pretty much everyone doubted his plans and vision.


What is something you learned this summer that you did not expect to?

Alex: I learned a lot about the pace of work of both a product and a dev team. In many instances it is almost impossible to force something to get done, no matter how hard you will it to, so it is important to learn how long things will take to get done.

Irene: I learned that it’s better to track the performance of all the engineers as a group rather than individually. That way the engineers won’t feel as pressured and stressed out about work, but still have the motivation to improve as a group.

Katrina: How to take photos!

Madelynn Prendergast