Compit coffee chat

We got a chance to catch up with  Emilio (‘18 BSE Operations Research and Financial Engineering) and Hassan (‘18 BSE Operations Research and Financial Engineering). They are interning for Compit which is a powerful real estate valuation, search and analysis platform created to enable people to gather information in never-before-seen resolution.


What sort of work/projects are you involved with?

Emilio: Algorithmic data validation. I’m creating a set of rules that arbitrates the correct ownership type for a particular building when data sources are incomplete, inconsistent, or both.

Hassan: I am working on a natural language processing algorithm to perform sentiment analysis on real estate listings. The objective of the project is to use machine learning techniques to find potential investment opportunities in residential buildings in Manhattan.

What do you and your team do for lunch? Have you had any funny lunch conversations?

Hassan: I usually eat with co-workers or in the office. I have had a few interesting lunch conversations with my co-workers. For instance, one of my co-workers is married even though she is a senior in college right now.

Emilio: I usually make plans with friends in the city who aren’t part of PSIP.

If you could choose one word to describe the last week, what would it be and why?

Emilio: Learning curve (two words, I know!)

Hassan: Busy

What is a belief about startups/entrepreneurship that has changed as a result of your work this summer?

Hassan: I have realized that culture is an essential part of startups and can have a huge impact on the company’s growth trajectory. It is important to have a transparent management structure so that everyone feels involved in what they are doing.

Emilio: The company’s mission can change over time, and if a product isn’t working you should be open to new projects.

Madelynn Prendergast