Gatsby coffee chat

This week, we talked to Carolina Salazar (‘18 Anthropology) and Yosvani Lopez (‘18 Computer Science), our two interns at Gatsby. Gatsby aims to redefine the home and shopping experience by integrating virtual reality with their mobile application.

What sort of work/projects are you involved with?

Carolina: I am involved with the virtual reality (VR) side of Gatsby, mostly in creating and outlining what VR retail could look like, what we should include in the app, creating and outlining events, and brainstorming for the future of VR. I also do a lot of outreach to try to get press coverage for the new stuff we are achieving  — we are the first app to offer an immersive VR shopping experience!

Yosvani: At Gatsby I have worked on both of their projects. On the Guatemala smart home side, I have been working to develop a tool that the founders can use to more easily find desirable land in Guatemala. On the virtual reality side my main contributions have come in the form of developing plans for the architecture of the application and publicizing and promoting the application and Gatsby’s mission.

What do you and your team do for lunch? Have you had any funny lunch conversations?

Carolina: We mostly get lunch individually — we can choose when and where to get lunch. Usually get it somewhere close by like the Little Beet or Urban Space. No funny lunch conversations with the bosses because of that, but we do talk a lot at the office and it’s great!

Yosvani: For lunch I usually go out into the city and have a meal on my own. However, occasionally the team eats in the office, which has lead to some funny conversations. I recall one instance where Anastasia’s uncle had confused his Facebook wall for a chat and was posting his commentary to a soccer game relentlessly. We got some laughs out of that.

What is a belief about startups/entrepreneurship that has changed as a result of your work this summer?

Carolina: That everything has to be "figured out" and super clear in order to turn it into a product — the whole VR side of Gatsby is very experimental but seems to be working out, so that is very inspiring. Also that a lot of the stuff startups do and their success is based on person to person connections and relationships — you need the connections beyond just a good product!

Yosvani: One belief about startups that has changed since the start of the summer is the idea that having the best product is the key to success. While this is an important factor, I have learned about various other factors that are just as important.


Nick Chow