Floored and Apester coffee chat

This week, we interviewed Natalie Diaz (‘19 Computer Science) and Regina Zeng (‘18 English). Natalie works at Floored (now a part of real estate company CBRE) and is involved with producing interactive graphics software for the real estate industry. Regina is at Apester, a platform for online publishers to create interactive units to accompany articles and stories; the goal is to engage readers in a digital age by incorporating their voices in the storytelling process.

What are you working on for your company?

Natalie: I'm working as a software engineering intern on a product called Plans. Plans is an online tool that helps in the design and visualization of spaces.

Regina: I work on the content team, and since we have a relatively small staff at the U.S. office, I've done a variety of different tasks so far, including creating units for publishers, updating content recommendations for existing units, and writing instructional guides for new publishers. Eventually, I'll be working directly with a handful of publishers as an account manager.

What insight are hoping to gain by working with your company?

Natalie: I'm hoping to become a more effective coworker and a better programmer.

Regina: Overall, I hope to learn more about startups and how they operate, especially the development process from a great idea to a thriving business. More specifically, I hope to gain insight into the publishing industry and understand the motivations behind the media that publish the news we digest.

What about working with your startup has surprised you most?

Natalie: It's incredible how organized everything is. From carefully scheduled meetings to efficient means for communication and delegating tasks, everything runs extremely smoothly.

Regina: I think I was most surprised by how casual the work environment is. I knew going into this summer that working at a startup would be less formal than your typical office job, but I was not expecting the level of jokes and goofiness that goes on during the day. I have to say, I quite enjoy it.

If you could have the job of anyone in the company, whose would it be and why?

Regina: Definitely Christine's, our Office Manager. She gets to spend her days designing and ordering the coolest promotional products for our team. In my three weeks at the company, I have received: a leather notebook, a light-up pen, a handheld fan, and a flask. And there's a tote bag on the way.


Nick Chow